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Donations for Humane Society of Yuma

Our community has been coming together to donate food, toys, supplies and money to the Humane Society of Yuma and the pets couldn't be happier. 

HSOY wants to send a huge THANK YOU to Cristyn Weil the Pioneer RV Park Manager for coming to personally deliver the donation of $4,977.00 that they raised at a Valentine's Day Dinner they had! We are also sending a huge THANK YOU to Desert View Academy for their wonderful contribution to our shelter! They had a pet food and supply drive at their school that the entire school participated in and they brought in a truck load of stuff to donate! Last but not least is Ozzie & Dizzy siblings who have come in and donated money and pet supplies multiple times from birthday parties they have had, and instead of asking for presents they ask for donations that they can then bring to the shelter and help Yuma's homeless pets with! Wow! THANK YOU Ozzie & Dizzy and thank you to all who donate to our Shelter! The pets and staff are very grateful! 

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What's Happening at HSOY

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