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frankie Meet Frankie, an abandoned Coonhound mix that was starved, mutilated, and malnourished. Because of the support given by our members, Frankie was able to be placed in foster care where he was given the chance to thrive! here at the HSOY, we believe that every pet deserves a second chance. Make theirs possible by becoming a member today!

Your membership in the Humane Society of Yuma will give the homeless pets of Yuma a second chance at the love and care that they deserve.


$25 - Spays on cat

$100 ($10 per month) - Vaccinates five dogs

$250 ($20 per month) - Provides two trips of the "Rescue Express" to a rescue in Phoenix (multiple pets can be aboard the express at one time)

$500 ($45 per month) - Spays six dogs

$1,200 (100 per month) - Provides food for the animals for 5 weeks

$2,500 ($210 per month) - Provides spay/neuter surgeries for 68 dogs

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