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Furry Friends Fall CampUpcoming Events

Looking for a Fall Break activity? Join HSOY for our Furry Friends Fall Camp!



Click here to Enroll: Tuesday, 10/10/17 for ages 9/10 

Click here to Enroll: Wednesday, 10/11/17 for ages 11-13

Click here to Enroll: Thursday, 10/12/17 for ages 9/10

Click here to Enroll: Friday, 10/13/17 for ages 11-13

The Humane Society of Yuma is excited to announce our first Fall camp sessions for kids ranging from 9-13 to have fun and be engaged in animal welfare, here in Yuma.

The program will run 4 three-hour sessions targeted toward different age groups with the goal of engaging children in a variety of activities that will enrich the experience of the pets in our care. Each participant will receive hands on animal interactions, while engaging in animal welfare topics. Each day is $20 per participant.

Enrollment is now open and can be done at the shelter or online at Maximum capacity for each session is 30 children.

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