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A Yappy Day at the Humane Society of Yuma!

The Humane Society of Yuma is often reporting that the facility is at maximum capacity, but today, that is not the case for the dogs...

Yuma, AZ, October 5, 2017– The Humane Society of Yuma is constantly inundated with animals coming in, but today we are celebrating a rare occurrence of an empty kennel building!  As of this morning, we had 28 large dog kennels and 15 small dog kennels open.

Although this will not last long, we are excited to see this happen again. The last time we emptied a kennel building was last year; after our Annual Fall Festival when Quail Construction sponsored adoption fees for a week. This is only possible because of the community’s support and efforts of adopting and spaying and neutering their pets. Additionally, the Humane Society of Yuma’s Rescue program is a huge part of this effort along with our partnership with PetSmart Charities and their Everyday Adoption Center.

As the tides turn and as the winter visitors return, we hope we can continue to see open spaces in our kennels from lives saved. The Humane Society of Yuma intakes over 4,000 dogs annually (approximately 11 dogs per day); which makes the sight of an empty building a truly precious occasion.

The Humane Society of Yuma is an open admissions shelter, which means that we cannot and do not turn away any dogs and cats. Staff, volunteers and donors do what they can with the resources available and today we are thankful for the space to care for the homeless dogs in our community.

On the other end of the spectrum, cats and kittens have not slowed down and we are still challenged with caring for all the cats and kittens coming into our care. As of September of this year, we have seen 3,687 cats come into the shelter (average of 409 cats per month); whereas the dog intake accounts for 3,121; 566 more cats have come into the shelter than dogs. We have adopted and rescued a total of 2,794 dogs and 1,249 cats. These numbers are a reflection of adoptions both at the shelter and at the PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center, sending animals to our rescue partners throughout Arizona and returning pets to their families.  

Today, we are celebrating our success with the dogs, but are also recognizing the work that is still needed to save more lives. Though the intake of cats should be slowing down soon, we are in desperate need of donations for their continued care. You can donate online and help save lives. You can also find a list of items on the website that we need at the shelter if a monetary gift is not feasible. Additionally, if your pet is in need of a spay/neuter you can now book your appointment online. All the information referenced can be found at www.hsoyuma.com

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What's Happening at HSOY

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