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Got Mice?

The Humane Society of Yuma is seeking qualified adopters who have a safe barn, shed, or other outdoor housing/property that can protect outdoor cats and give them a chance at life.

20-30 Vaccinated, Altered and Ear-tipped WORKING CATS AVAILABLE. Their owner recently passed and are in need of new homes. These cats are strictly outside cats and have been living happily outside on an acre of land. The owner took great care of these cats and ensured to maintain the population of cats on his property. They currently have a temporary care-taker, but can no longer be on the property due to the liquidation of the owner’s assets and need to be relocated as soon as possible. The Humane Society of Yuma in conjunction with Feline Friends will assist in the relocation of these cats.

These community cats are not suitable as indoor pets. However, they are fixed, vaccinated for rabies, and have a tipped left ear, and the rodent population control they can provide is invaluable.

Save a life, adopt a working cat (or two)!

Interested? Give us a call at (928) 782-1621 or visit our shelter for more information at 4050 S Avenue 4 ½ E, Yuma, AZ 85365


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What's Happening at HSOY

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