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Join us in celebrating the Humane Society of Yuma by staying at home for this non-event, event on Saturday, June 27th, 2020.


How do you join in on the Raise the Woof House Party?
By sitting on your butt with your mutt!
Show your support by curling up with your dog or cat and donate from the comfort of your couch.


Please do not dress up!
Please stay at home in your pajamas or holey t-shirt (that you should probably throw away, but won’t because you love it.)

Please do not hire a pet-sitter or babysitter!
Please stay at home and deal with them yourself and enjoy time with the ones you love.
You can now donate $50-$100 that you would have spent on a sitter.

Cocktails, wine, and beer
will not be served.
Please open a bottle in the comfort and safety of your home and celebrate with your pets. You can now donate the $75 that you would have spent at the bar.

Your ticket will not
include a plated dinner.
Please order in food or walk over to your kitchen and eat whatever you want.
You can now donate $50 per person that you would have spent on that ticket.

There will not be a live band or auction.
Please turn on your favorite music at home and dance in your living room, because no one is watching. You can now donate $150 that you would have spent on auction items that you probably didn’t need anyways.


Think of how many more animals we can save and care for by taking these potential event savings and using those funds directly for the homeless pets of yuma. 100% of the proceeds of this non-event, event will go towards the care of Yuma’s homeless pets. www.hsoyuma.com

Feel good about NOT attending and on Saturday, June 27th, 2020 post a photo of you and your pets on social media, celebrating at home, with the #HSOYRaisetheWoofParty #NonEvent


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What's Happening at HSOY

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