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Phase One of The Solar Project Nearly Complete

Did you know that HSOY pays $7,280 a month to APS for electricity? The electricity bill is one of the largest expenses for the organization and to reduce the cost, the Humane Society of Yuma went forward with a solar project. In late December, Eckard Commerical Construction Inc. completed the first part of the installation of the solar panels on the roof of the Humane Society of Yuma. 

To begin this project the Humane Society of Yuma put a call out to the public to help raise funds for the down payment to get the solar project off the ground, and successfully funded the project in the summer of 2018.

Phase One will cover approximately 60% of the facility’s usage and will undergo minor modifications to increase the energy efficiency. Once connected to the grid, HSOY will re-evaluate the energy usage after one year in use. The money saved by installing solar will grant more resources to the direct care for the animals and will help close the financial gap during the summer time. When the Humane Society of Yuma’s facility was designed, installing solar was part of the future plans and was designed to easily be installed on the roofs of the kennel buildings. A little over six years after the completion of the new shelter, solar is becoming a reality. The cost savings alone will make a large impact on the lifesaving efforts at the Humane Society of Yuma and will aid the organization with their mission of reducing the number of homeless pets and bring them closer to their goal of becoming a “no-kill” community.

“With the assistance of a generous donation from the Estate of Janet Metzker, Eckard Commercial Construction for completing the project at cost and other committed donors, we have successfully funded Phase One of the solar project entirely” – Lana Shapiro, Director of Development. “But we are not out of the woods, yet… The Humane Society of Yuma even with this installation won’t see those cost savings for another few months and will continue to need the support of the community to invest more funds into the direct care of animals with the goal of becoming a no-kill community.”

Over 8,000 animals enter the Humane Society of Yuma's care annually. The solar project is a long term investment that will help free up funds for the organization to use for direct care of the animals and improve the animal welfare of Yuma County, for many years to come. The Humane Society of Yuma’s legacy program, planned giving program, makes an extraordinary impact on the organization. These gifts make it possible to advance the organization and make large investments, such as the solar panels, kennel upgrades, etc. the investments and upgrades made on the facility are essential to the on-going operations of the Humane Society of Yuma.

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What's Happening at HSOY

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