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Resources at the shelter to help.

         As the HSOY Rescue team arrived at the shelter around 6:00 am Thursday morning they noticed something by the front door at the main entrance of the Humane Society of Yuma. Once they got close enough they realized that it was a dog that had been tied to the front door of the shelter and left sometime in the middle of the night. They immediately jumped into action, slowly approaching the dog which is a Pit Bull and not yet knowing if he was nice or not. Once the volunteers got close enough they realized that he was as sweet as they come and just wanted some help. They then took him into a kennel, provided him with food, water, a bed, a warm blanket and he is now in the care to the Humane Society of Yuma.  If you have any information about the owners of this dog please contact the shelter as soon as possible. 928-782-1621

        Before we come to judgment, no one knows why the dog was abandoned but the Humane Society of Yuma wants to take this opportunity to remind the public that the HSOY offers many low cost resources to help you care for your pet. If you are having trouble providing food for your pet we have a 4 Paws Pantry that can distribute pet food(if available) to you on a monthly basis if you qualify. We also have a low cost vaccine and spay/neuter Clinic that has many options for you. You can visit our website hsoyuma.com or call our clinic to find out more information at 928-247-9115.  We are an open admissions shelter and there are options for you if you are having trouble caring for your pet. It is important that for the safety of the pet they are not left outside of the shelter unattended. Please bring the pets to the shelter during our hours of operation. This also allows us to collect as much information from you about your pet so that it will be easier for the staff to find the best placement for them. We are here to help and care about the well-being of all animals so please call or visit our website to see what resources are available to you.  

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What's Happening at HSOY

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