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RTO Fees Waived

The Humane Society of Yuma has seen a spike in stray animals coming into the shelter. Impound and boarding fees are waived through Sunday, May 13th for reclaiming pets that have entered the shelter from May 1st and who are sterilized or willing to be sterilized.

This time of the year, space is getting tight.  HSOY is consistently busting at the seams because of the high volume of animals coming in through the doors. HSOY is encouraging the community to come and look for your pet this week. In April alone, the Humane Society of Yuma saw 785 animals come into the shelter; only 84 pets were reclaimed by their owners in April.  Nine days into May, the shelter has taken in 258 animals; and ONLY 18 animals (so far this month) have been reclaimed by their owners. Of the over 2,200 pets that have entered the shelter, only 13.7% of the animals have returned home, (data from January 2018 through April 2018). The Humane Society of Yuma would like to see these statistics change.

HSOY urges the public to keep your pets safe by wearing identification (i.e. collar and identification tag), license and microchipping your pets. From today through Sunday, May 13th, HSOY is waiving the boarding and impound fees to return pets to their owners. To be eligible for this deal, the animal will have to had to enter the shelter in the month of May and are sterilized (a.k.a. spayed or neutered) or owners must schedule their pet to be sterilized at the HSOY Spay and Neuter Clinic.  These animals will also be required to be licensed and microchipped. Licensing fees still apply. Please bring identification photos and vaccine records for your animal when coming to the shelter to look for your pet.

The Humane Society of Yuma can microchip your pet for $25 during normal operating hours at the shelter and you can license your pet online @ hsoyuma.com.

“If you have a lost pet, please visit our shelter. This time of the year is always difficult for the staff and volunteers. Resources are stretched thin and the days become longer as we have to care for more animals. You can help by following us on facebook and Instagram, becoming a volunteer and/or donating. As summer creeps up on us, we rely heavily on the community’s generosity and hope for more foot traffic. It is becoming dangerously hot and we are happy to give these stray/lost animals a safe place to stay, but we don’t want them to stay here for very long. We hope this opportunity will remind Yuma to come to the shelter first to look for your lost pet.”  – Lana Shapiro, Director of Development

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What's Happening at HSOY

Published: Apr 10, 2019
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