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The Humane Society of Yuma is declaring that Yuma WILL be a no-kill community. But it can only be done together. We are “saving one, until there are none.”



What is “No-Kill?”

The term no-kill is an animal welfare industry status that is defined by a 90% or more live release rate. This 90% standard has been adopted as the goal for animal rescues and shelters by most national animal welfare organizations. The remaining 10% or less is reserved humane euthanasia for sick/injured animals and animals deemed to be a danger to the community, aggressive. Achieving the no-kill status exemplifies best practice standards for animal rescues and shelters.    

The Humane Society of Yuma calculates our live release rate by taking the Total number of LIVE outcomes (Adoption, Returned to Owners, Returned to Field and Released to Rescue), divided by the Total number of ALL outcomes (Live Outcomes + Euthanized +Died in Care + Other).



NO-KILL YUMA is a community-wide initiative that will celebrate our love and respect for the animals in our community. With the support of the people of Yuma County, we will soon be celebrating the end of unnecessary euthanasia of animals at our shelter.  Yuma County is very close in reaching the 90% live release rate. The Humane Society of Yuma has done this with the support of the community and the hard work of staff and volunteers (past and present) at the shelter. Everyone in our community can be a part of NO-KILL YUMA and can take ownership of this achievement.  The animals need Yuma to take action on these FOUR life-saving pillars which will place Yuma on the map to be a No-Kill Community:

  1. FIX – Spay/neuter your pets.
  2. ADOPT – Choose to adopt your pet, choose to save a life.
  3. IDENTIFY – Microchip and License your pets.
  4. DONATE – Time, goods or Money.

Changes at HSOY

The Humane Society of Yuma has made some large and small adjustments in the way we operate and focus our work towards becoming a no-kill community.  The overall goals are to:

  1. Prevent intake
    1. Increased low-cost spay/neuter surgeries; spay/neuter is the priority for the organization to tackle pet-overpopulation long-term with the focus on the areas of the community with the highest amount of stray animals.
    2. Providing more resources for struggling pet owners (alternative homing solutions, safety-net programs and 4 Paws Pantry)
    3. Promoting proper identification such as microchips and licenses
    4. Education and Community Outreach on topics such as over-population issues, responsible pet ownership and resource awareness.
  2. Shorten length of stay
    1. Increased accessibility
      1. Shelter is now open 7 days a week
      2. Technology upgrades
    2. Aggressive Community Cat Program
    3. Implementing a Pre-adopt program
  3. Increasing the quality of care
    1. Expanding foster and volunteer programs
      1. Developing training program
      2. Foster to adopt
    2. Upgrading housing for cats and facility for dogs
      1. Cat portals
      2. Wrote grant for fencing for dogs
      3. Keller Williams, Yuma Office and Yuma Elks Club sealing dog runs
      4. Installation of Solar Panels complete.
    3. Treating more sick/injured animals



As the only animal shelter in Yuma County, the Humane Society of Yuma remains to be an open admissions shelter, caring for over 8,000 animals annually. Animal welfare is a community, public health issue. The Humane Society of Yuma has been open-minded and has implemented progressive shelter practices to transform animal welfare in Yuma with the support of national animal welfare organizations and the research behind the methodology. Utilizing the limited resources, the Humane Society of Yuma’s staff, volunteers and donors have made tremendous strides in their efforts to save the lives of animals within the past seven years.   There are so many more programs that the shelter hopes to implement in the coming months. 

2012 through 2018

16,996 Adoptions

4,933 Animals Returned to their Owners

9,737 Animals transferred to Rescue Partners

20,496 Animals have been altered through HSOY’s Low-cost Clinic

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