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Pet Licensing

Upcoming 2015 Clinics

Jan. 10th City of Yuma
Albertsons on Ave B
10am - 1pm
Jan. 17th City of San Luis
San Luis Police Dept
1pm - 3pm
Feb. 7th City of Somerton
10am - 1pm
Feb. 21st City of Yuma
HSOY Rabies Clinic
1pm - 3pm
Mar. 7th City of Wellton
Butterfield Park
8am - 10am
Mar. 7th Dateland
Dateland Elementary School
12pm - 2pm
Mar. 21st Foothills
Pioneer Shopping Center
10am - 1pm

The Humane Society of Yuma has partnered with Yuma County to run their licensing program. The requirements to have your pet licensed falls on a calendar basis. Meaning, any pet that is licensed for one year in any given month of that year will be due on January 1st of the following year.

What is a license?

Yuma County requires that all dogs 3 months or older be vaccinated for rabies and licensed. A valid license states that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies and you have complied with the Yuma County Ordinance. In the event your pet got away from you and it was picked up by animal control while wearing its color with the license attached, Yuma County Animal Control is in a much easier position to retrieve your information and return the pet to your home.

When must my pet be licensed?

Yuma County allows for a grace period from January 1st to March 31st of each year to get your pet re-licensed. All licenses will expire on December 31st regardless of when your pet is licensed, for one-year licenses, as long as your pets rabies vaccine is due after December 31 of said year. For a license to be valid, your pets rabies vaccination must expire on or after the expiration date of the license. In the event your pets rabies vaccination expires prior to December 31st, your license is then considered expired as well.

What if I purchase a multi-year license?

Multi-year year licenses are available for Yuma County residents. You can receive 2 and 3 year licenses as long as the rabies vaccination covers 1 1/2 years or 2 1/2 years depending on the license you purchase.

What can I do if my rabies vaccination expires prior to the end of the year?

All you have to do is visit one of our low-cost vaccination clinics and have your pets rabies vaccination updated. At that time our staff can extend your license for your pet to go through the end of that year.

Are winter visitors required to license their pets?

If you live within Yuma County for more than 30 days but less than 6 months you must purchase a visitors license in the amount of $6.00.

Can I license my pet if I live in the City of Yuma?

The Humane Society of Yuma and the City of Yuma are working very closely to allow citizens of the City to license their pet with our facility. More information coming soon.

What if I am not sure whether I am in the City or County?

We recommend that you call the City or County to find out if you are a City or County resident prior to trying to license your pet. Our staff is not always clear on City and County boundaries. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the pet owner to know whether they live in the City or County and license their pet within the correct jurisdiction.

Can my pet be vaccinated in a country other than the United States?

In order to receive a license for your pet you must provide a copy of a rabies certificate. The rabies certificate must state that the vaccination was administered by a US licensed Veterinarian. The certificate must have the Veterinarians signature, State License number, Vaccination Serial number, Vaccine manufacturer and date of expiration.

Do I get a discount if my pet is altered?

You sure do! When you come into license your pet it will be assumed that your pet is not altered unless your rabies certificate states that the animal is altered or you have a certificate of spay/neuter. Our staff will be unable to check your pet to see if the animal is spayed or neutered.

Do you need my pet to come in when I license my pet?

Your pet is not necessary when you license your pet in the event you have a complete and correct vaccination certificate.

2015 Dog Licensing

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Success Stories


My name is Sammy. My mom and dad rescued me from HSOY in July of 2010 when I was only 3 months old. My mom taught me how to nod my head yes for a cookie and play pattycake and my dad has taught me lots of tricks too. They tell me all the time that I am such a good boy and that makes me happy. I'm so glad they chose me. Thank you HSOY for taking care of me until my mom and dad could bring me home.

- Betty Davis-Connor