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Local Students make big impact with BEHUMANE

BEHUMANE Program revitalized and successful this school year.

The Humane Society of Yuma revitalized their BEHUMANE program this school year. The education outreach program had been dormant for a few years and was brought back to life in 2017; reaching out to four local elementary schools to invest in animal welfare knowledge.  Humane Society of Yuma staff and volunteers visited every classroom to teach students about their local animal shelter and animal services, responsible pet ownership and pet safety. The BEHUMANE program reached over 1,800 students at Alice Byrne Elementary, Gowan Science Academy, H L Suverkrup Elementary and Pueblo Elementary.  Not only did the students learn about animal welfare and the services the Humane Society of Yuma provides to the community, but they also became advocates for the homeless pets by fundraising over $18,000 for the homeless pets of Yuma.

“The BEHUMANE program means a lot to the organization and we know that if we instill humane principals in our students now, we can prevent animal abuse, improve the condition of Yuma’s pet population and hopefully treat each other with compassion as well” said Annette Lagunas, Executive Director.

This program is a long-term investment for our community to address pet-overpopulation and animal cruelty and this wouldn’t be possible without local support from 3:10 Auto Works, 3:10 Diesel Works and Bose. 3:10 Auto Works and 3:10 Diesel Works helped provide the t-shirts and Bose donated 200 products.

“Animal welfare is the community’s responsibility and the Humane Society of Yuma’s success is a true reflection of the community’s support. No matter the age or background of any one person, advocating for animal welfare and inspiring humane treatment can only better our community” Lana Shapiro, Director of Development

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What's Happening at HSOY

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